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Sunday is a very important day to enhance trust in your partner and recover the lost communication. By the end of the month you are always nervous and anxious, and that only makes things worse.

On Monday try to relax and let things flow around you. On Tuesday you will meet someone that will inspire you on your way to success: On Wednesday you will find out that frustration won't help you get what you want.

Set only the goals you can reach.

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Communication and talent for business will be your perfect weapons for this Thursday. On Friday, once again, you will have to learn to listen to others and welcome people's help.

Face the weekend with loyalty and keep a cold mind when it comes to money. Begin the week taking good care of your heart.

This week, many of you will be waiting for a gift or other enjoyable event for people from near and far. This will be a good week for a trip, especially if you have enough gifts in your luggage for everyone. During the week, be more careful in your professional relationships with a man who can deliberately provoke a conflict or because of his frivolous actions that will result in an unpleasant situation at your workplace.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 24 - 30 December 2018

You will still have more costs this week, so consider what is important and what is not. Use only your available resources and do not rely on revenue expectations that you may not receive by the end of the year. This will be an unfavorable week for making important decisions about financial or bank documents or a contract.

Daily Planetary Overview

If Sagittarius women have to solve problems or troubles this week, they will definitely be related to past events, decisions or mistakes. Komal Ahuja June 21, at 9: Poonam July 29, at 7: Vinay Jindal August 1, at 9: Prashanth September 2, at 6: Shachi September 13, at 7: Ashok Sharma October 21, at Dhannjay October 31, at 3: Pankaj January 6, at 1: Pankaj January 7, at Shachi January 6, at Rakesh January 18, at 4: Sandy March 3, at 6: Pankaj June 23, at 1: Shivi July 8, at 9: