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Check out the facebook event here physically accessible location - enter via the second floor hallway, all gender washrooms, FREE. Carling is a registered psychotherapist who is passionate about helping people live genuine and fulfilled lives. She believes that we achieve our best selves and our most pleasurable relationships when we live in a way that reflects our personal values.

In recognizing that monogamy misaligned with her true self, Carling ventured into the world of polyamory in search of authentic relationships, creativity, and growth. She believes that the possibilities are endless in polyamory, but that no matter what relationship structure you enjoy, the true magic happens when we engage in real and vulnerable conversations.

Carling uses her own professional and personal experiences when facilitating workshops and cannot wait to share her mistakes, successes, and learning as she continues to fumble through polyamory! They have delivered a wide array of workshops and sessions on relationships, consent, and healthy communication, as well as the ways in which our social context and privilege can shift the power dynamics we bring into relationships both with ourselves and others.

In the rare instances that they're not working, they enjoy photography, hiking, kayaking, reading, backcountry camping, urban exploration and are always on the search for something new to learn. Practice new ways to tease and please your partner through kissing.

Arrive with one or more partners, or come a few minutes early to find others looking to meet someone new. This workshop was a huge hit at Hillside; come early as this one is sure to fill up fast! Check out the facebook event here About the Facilitator: Ruthie Neustifter is a UofG professor, researcher, and author.

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Ruthie has been professionally slinging dildos and spreading pleasure since the late s and especially enjoys working with diverse sexualities, genders and relationship structures, as well as survivors of trauma. The reservation at play with clay is from 3: Bring your skates for a big queer takeover!

The most anticipated events in Toronto :

All gender washrooms available inside Out on the Shelf. Come and learn about some of these realities, how they might impact us, as well as strategies for coping, growing, and moving forward.

Their duties involve online outreach, and supporting healthcare providers and peers from the trans, non-binary, and HIV communities, with their lovely co-workers, in order to create programming for the community. Chrissy enjoys cooking, baking, nature, hiking, walking, exploring, photography, getting creative and crafty, and lookin' FIERCE.

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Are you ready to clear away oppressive, outdated patterns that suffocate the life out of you? She believes that the possibilities are endless in polyamory, but that no matter what relationship structure you enjoy, the true magic happens when we engage in real and vulnerable conversations. Sydney M-K Betty M. Lots of fun prizes from your favourite sex shops, and queer trivia from near and wide. It could also be that we are holding ourselves back from something we really want or would bring us pleasure out of shame or fear.

This resulted in collection of fed-up queers folks rallying their friends and lovers - prompted by the phrase: Learn more about this critical moment in our shared history: The next card in our reading gives us some insight into what we might be needing to face in order to stop our unhealthy behaviors.

The Prince of Disks is a card full of pain, but also full of wisdom.

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Love will experience a wide range of possibilities in ! See what's coming and when in your free Love Horoscope here. Read your weekly Tarot readings for February now to see what's Do your own card Tarot reading now for personal guidance this month!.

The back of where he sits is covered in small round boulders. As he travels, each one pushes into his skin.


The boulders represent our past experiences, it seems we can never quite shake them. We feel them with each step, making us fearful and untrusting. The past guides him with the wisdom of experience. He can move more intentionally now because he is aware of the pitfalls along the way.

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He sees his past as a blessing. Having a painful past does have a huge impact on us, and sometimes it is hard to see these experience in a positive light. I think this starts with acceptance. And through acceptance they become less painful. If we wish we had a different past we will be stuck in a cycle of avoidance.

If we accept the past we have, we can face it and allow it to lose its edge. It is no longer scary because we faced it head on. Through accepting our past we might be able to see the positive things we learned as a result.

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We will then allow ourselves to be more trusting and less fearful as we move forward. We will see ourselves as wise instead of weak.

SCORPIO FEBRUARY 2019 Horoscope Psychic Tarot Reading [Lamarr Townsend Tarot]

To top off the reading, the Ace of Wands is here to tell you that new growth is all around you. It sees The Devil and Prince of Disks as cards of tremendous expansion. If we listen to the messages of these cards, our outlook will shift and we will be more open to life. Creative and fertile energy will flow from us.

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