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All surprises linked directly to matters of the heart now. Wait until after this period to go by as well as the direct station of Mercury on the 26th before you run off to elope. You may be surprised to find your true romantic wishes are changed to contain something much more magical.

Consider it an omen when you see one. These are days the Moon revisits your sign and gives you an extra boost of energy. On the th set time aside for yourself and conserve energy. The 29th Solar eclipse highlights your 12th house. You find yourself using creative ideas you receive from dreams and your subconscious and directing them into manifestation.

You receive extra money for the precise or difficult work that you must complete. Supportive partners and friends can make it all worthwhile when they demonstrate patience and understanding of your long work hours. With ruling planet Venus at the top of your chart joined to Neptune you find some obscure way to make it all work.

The Eclipse teaches you to find courage and forge ahead. Bring it out for others to see as healing energy allows you to make positive changes for the future. Feeling a bit irritable lately? Control your temper and get motivated to complete projects and start new ones. Exercise is your best option to burn off some of that excess testosterone you may be feeling right now.

Master yoga and then return to massage your hands with fragrant oils and lotions like a professional would. Your entire body will be enhanced by this practice so use it to calm your nerves and relax.

March 6th and 7th are your favorite days this month. The Lunar Eclipse in Virgo opens up new avenues of opportunity. Your home environment may change significantly and a new career takes off. Uranus, Mercury and the Sun all visit the top of your chart concerned with professional and social status.

Get ready for a big transformation to take place. Eclipses effect you over several months and often can be felt before the actual date.

Travel may be included in your itinerary now as Venus and Neptune join forces in your 9th house. You could receive applauds for your eloquently presented speech or teaching of a subject. This may require you to go abroad and do additional work. Jupiter makes your choices broad and unlimited by country.

So when you find two tickets to Thailand waiting on your desk do everything you can to take them up on it. Because of the nodes so close in proximity to the eclipses this month you may find yourself making new friends that can be very beneficial to your goals and mission in life. Draw from your past especially as far as your creative skills are concerned.

Your special attention to intricate details may be a significant factor and asset to your talent. Take time off around the20thst when Moon visits your opposite sign. Let partners take the lead and take care of you or just spend it alone renewing your energy and catching up on sleep. Friends seem to come out of the woodwork after the 20th when the Sun returns to Aries.

Even the work environment is much more jovial than usual. You find yourself having fun and actually enjoying it. Often the ending of one will precipitate a new beginning.

Some parts of your present relationship will need to be changed before starting anew. Your mind presents brilliant crisp and often innovative ideas that can border genius.

If your are a writer than relish this time to shine. Your words of wisdom resonate well. Walk softly but not too swiftly. You may decide to take a trip to further your education. These are days that your especially charming and can touch the hearts of many with your eloquent writing and speaking abilities. You might be considered quite chatty around the Lunar eclipse in Virgo on the 14th.

Simply because it falls in your third house of communication, causing your tongue to wag just a little too much, You could also find yourself traveling more than usual now and visiting siblings or friend.

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Jupiter trine the Lunar eclipse from your 5th house makes it an exceptional time for romance. Creativity is at its best now. Children and sporting event can also be a considerable source of enjoyment.

Just watch the budget as Saturn still remains in you money house for the time being. Once you accept the parameters you set for yourself the rest is easy.

Especially this month when Uranus in Pisces trines your Sun making a wish come true. The wealth you receive now comes in more ways than one. A wealth of information may be on that list. A visit from someone out of your past may come as a surprise to you or it may come in a dream.

Always sensitive to others needs, being of the water element, you provide them with the guidance and reassurance they need. Perhaps this is the catalyst that encourages you to learn more about these subjects.

Mars now in your 12th house has you visiting hospital or clinic to lend a hand or visit others. Your nurturing and understanding brings positive feedback. You cheer them up with your lovely voice and caring personality. THe 23rd and 24th are 2 days you may want to just kick back and take off as Moon visits your opposite sign.

Let partners take the lead and take care of you. Call in sick and take time off for nurturing your self. The Solar Eclipse on the 29th is a special one for you this year possibly already feeling the change occur. Its very evident now just what direction your life is about to take as the Moon and Sun meet up with the North Node.

It may be a new option all together that your offered. Social status is changed through marriage or divorce and often this places you in a new direction in life.


Remember eclipse patterns always have you eliminating something or someone before you head down that new path of discovery. There is much excitement coming from this area of your chart so get ready for change. You may be setting off on a whole new adventure that has never been attempted before. Good Luck Jupiter keeps you in line with a trine to this New Moon bringing you wealth and opportunity plus.

You reach your goals and are happy with the changes it has brought you. What you hold of value in life comes under fire this month as the Virgo Lunar eclipse highlights your 2nd house.

All matters pertaining to how you receive cash are brought to your attention. You may be doing some analysis of your current resources with the preciseness of a razor. Sudden windfall may besiege you with good fortune but more likely a tax refund or stock investment is what brightens your day now.

You look at things a little differently. Set your mind to work and do some careful mathematical analysis to determine what that figure is.

With Mercury retrograde in your 8th house it gives you extra time to sort through the numbers and determine where you want to make investments. Relationships improve as Venus and Neptune join hands in your 7th house. The two of you can discuss past wrong doings and come to a reasonable conclusion about how you want to fix it.

Friends are a bit chatty now and they may be just a little too pushy for your liking while Mars visits your 11th.

But they can also provide the strength and determination you need to pursue a life goal as Mars sextiles Saturn. Your Leo charm shines brightly then as the Moon returns to your sign. Long distance travel may commence if not limited by physical means. Something has to be let go before you can go on to new heights of understanding.

Retrograde Mercury joins Uranus for an extended time period in your 8th house. This brings partners money into focus. Stay in touch with those that have passed through dreams or prayer.

It may surprise you when you receive some sort of message or needed advice by symbol or omen. Finally it makes perfect sense to you. Your ability to use your intuition as a gift not a hindrance can be quite advantageous.

Perhaps pulling the information from another time and place that only you can recall comes naturally making you ponder reincarnation.

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Is it possible and likely that memory recalls bits and pieces of information. You may find yourself answering that question now. The eclipse this month offers a special time where the veil between the conscious and subconscious is lifted enticing you to look beneath it and discover knowledge.

Lay low on the th when Moon vistas your opposite sign seemingly pulls all your energy with it. Take a Moonwalk and refresh your spirit in its light.

Garnish your table with sunflowers. An eclipse in your sign on the14th is sure to bring a very interesting time of self-discovering and new starts. Eclipses allow us to shed the old image and get a fresh look at the new one.

Be receptive to the unexpected and you may be in for a pleasant surprise as a whole new life unfolds around you. Perhaps situation precipitated this making you value your life more than usual or you recognize your vulnerability to chance. Very spiritual encounters offer guidance and assist you to understand. Use the ceremony to draw down the Moon as old Celtic religions and modern Druids practice.

This can be very enlightening and intense process that has you feeling quite refreshed and in control of your destiny once again. Health improves steadily and you find yourself dealing with a possible hurt you once experienced in the past. This can be a key to your over all well being.


A mystery disease suddenly comes to light. Mars at the top of your chart keeps you active at work. You may find yourself doing more than the usual amount of talking and travelling now.

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Your writing skills will also be greatly admired as you come through with a forcefulness that means business. On the 27th and 28th you may want to schedule time out as planets gather in your 7th house. The 29th brings another eclipse this time a solar one that falls directly in your 8th house. A long time goal finally realized you conquer all things and the future looks bright and encouraging again.

If requesting a mortgage or loan now you receive good news and close on the deal. You have very strong feelings about the after life. Your interest may be sparked by an event or occurrence that has you pondering the whole concept. That has all changed now and you rid yourself of outdated ideas or information that can be confusing. Psychic impressions will greatly enhance your ability to understand concepts once believed to be an old wives tales.

You start the month on less than encouraging terms when Moon visits your opposite sign on the 1st and 2nd. With a solar eclipse in your opposite sign your due for some big surprises. Love life looks particularly interesting on the 6th when the ruling planet Venus heads off into Aquarius making a trine to your sun.

Your relationships change now and you have the ability to eliminate the old way to make way for something much better.

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