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We have over twenty years of experience in dental and public health, research, education, communications, and social media marketing. Our director, Dr. Claudia A. Serna, holds a dental degree and a master and doctoral degree in public health with a specialization in health promotion and disease prevention from Florida International University. She furthered her education by completing a residency in dental public health at NYU Langone Health, and a certificate in social media marketing from Rutgers University School of Business.

She is also master certified in health education, certified communicator in public health, law offices in irvine ca board certified in public health and Diplomate. She is the recipient of the 2017 American Public Health Association (APHA) Anthony Westwater Jong Memorial Community Dental Health Post-Professional Award, and the 2017 Leverett Graduate Student Merit Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dental Public Health from the American Association of Public Health Dentistry (AAPHD).  

  • Convert written materials from one language into another, such as, publications, or web pages.
  • Create a new text in the target language that reflects the content and the style of the original.
  • Edit and proofread text to accurately reflect language.

 Execute the project, according to the project plan

  • Develop forms and records to document project activities
  • Monitor the progress of the project and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the successful completion of the project
  • Establish a communication schedule to update stakeholders, including appropriate staff in the organization on the progress of the project


Evaluate the project

  • Ensure that the project deliverables are on time, within budget and at the required level of quality
  • Evaluate the outcomes of the project as established during the planning phase


Dr. Serna