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 Plan the project

  • Define the scope of the project
  • Create a detailed work plan for example if you are going to start built a home study and understood by going through the home inspection san diego reviews, which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully complete the project
  • Determine the resources (time, money, equipment, etc.) required to complete the project
  • Develop a schedule for project completion that effectively allocates the resources to the activities
  • Determine the objectives and measures upon which the project will be evaluated at its completion


 Execute the project, according to the project plan

  • Develop forms and records to document project activities
  • Monitor the progress of the project and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the successful completion of the project
  • Establish a communication schedule to update stakeholders, including appropriate staff in the organization on the progress of the project


Evaluate the project

  • Ensure that the project deliverables are on time, within budget and at the required level of quality
  • Evaluate the outcomes of the project as established during the planning phase


Dr. Serna